Engaging in Politics

The political process in our country has been unfair and disadvantageous to the working and marginalized class, where instead the richest and most privileged influence our government. As political leaders continue to rely on corporations, large donors, and special interest groups to maintain power, it is our duty to exercise our privilege of democracy. Here at Our Revolution, we believe that any peaceful political transformation must begin at the grassroots level. That's why we are calling on the local residents of Bergen County to become active participants, make their voices heard, and advocate for the issues that matter to the people by running for a political position. 

Pilot Phase- Results
Congratulations to our newly elected Bergen County Committee members

Our pilot project focused on educating the community in two aspects: 

1) What does the county committee do? How does it impact the average citizen?

2) What is the most efficient and effective way to run for County Committee?

Based off our 23  program participants who ran for county committee, we were successful in 17 elections. Our next goal is to improve inter-municipality communication among County Committee members in order to promote better organization for county-wide political and social action. If you're interested in being part of an active County Committee to make social and political change, please fill out the form by clicking the "join the team" button and get plugged in. 

Primary Election 2018 Results

What do I do now?

Pilot Phase:
Bergen County Committee

Our 2018 pilot project to increase political engagement will focus on the Bergen Democratic County Committee, which is where citizens can influence their party at the most fundamental level. Here, policy direction, candidate nominations, and democratic party leadership are voted on. However, due to a lack of participation and knowledge for many years, this has led to the centralization of political power, allowing a select few to control the decision making power and purpose. We want to bring it back for the people. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive program and a mentor support system to encourage you to run for county committee. It's much easier than you think! You'll have our tips and tools to help you succeed. This will be open to all, regardless of background or beliefs, as we desire and value a respectful democratic process that seeks positive change for all.


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